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Innovation Awards
Innovation Award
Innovation Award

Recognising those who have brought new ways of working to Serco.

Improving the way we do things and trying new ideas, big and small, is an important part of what we offer our customers. This is about finding new ways of working, embracing change and sharing our knowledge and experience so that we all benefit.

Our Innovation Awards recognise those who have developed new ways of meeting customer expectations, sharing best practice or streamlining the services we offer for the benefit of our customers and Serco. Those who have thought outside the normal way we do our job and implemented new ideas. In short their actions have helped make what we do better than anyone else.

Do you know an individual or team…

  • who has thought differently about how something can be done, got others on board and saw it through, transforming our working practices?
  • who understood the challenges facing a customer and then worked with others to develop a solution?
  • who had the tenacity, vision and patience to overcome resistance and get others to adopt a better way of doing something?
  • who has found new ways of delivering something and shared their knowledge and skills across their contract or division so others are inspired to learn and change?

Then nominate them for a Innovation Award.