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General Guidance
General Guidance
Anyone can nominate anyone for a Pulse Award. This guide is here to help you understand what you need to do, and the things that will help the person or team you nominate become a potential winner.

The Pulse Awards

Serco has a unique culture.   We're passionate about doing the right thing and behaving in the right way. We have strong values – Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride – which define the behaviours we expect.


We should live our values everyday. They guide how we work with colleagues, customers, suppliers, partners and the communities we serve.

So we want to champion these behaviours and there is no better way to showcase them than through the Pulse Awards.

The annual Pulse Awards are a celebration of our values and a chance to shine a light on those individuals and teams at every level and from every part of the company whose behaviours demonstrate what we mean by living our values.

So we are asking you to think if you know a colleague or team who through their actions have been exceptional and gone above and beyond others in living our values. If you do then please nominate them.

Possible questions to ask yourself:

  • Does their work provide new ways of doing things for others and benefit others or the company?
  • What was special about how success was achieved?
  • Has it helped others to succeed and feel valued?
  • Has what they have done impressed the customers (internal or external)?
  • What have been the benefits and is it something that could be rolled out throughout Serco?
  • Could what they have done motivate others to approach things, act or behave differently?


Pulse 2019 – what we are looking for

We are looking for individuals and teams who have truly lived our values, those who are models of our values through their actions and behaviours. Through this they may have brought real value and improvement to the way we work, helped our people feel more valued, supported the communities we work in or helped build our reputation.

Which category best fits your nomination?

There may be many reasons why you believe your nomination deserves a Pulse Award. However you will need to choose the category you think it fits best. The categories are aligned to our values – Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride.

How to write a nomination

Think of your nomination as a news story. Answer all the question asked. For each, set out the key points in a couple of sentences in the first paragraph and then expand on that in the rest of your answer.

Remember to:
  • Keep your sentences short and to the point.
  • Use bullet points when appropriate.
  • Use concrete examples. The more specific and detailed you can be when sharing a particular story, the better your chances of the review committee remembering your nomination.
  • Ensure that everything you write about is related to the category you choose.
  • Make sure you have spelled the nominee's name correctly and listed their job title.
  • Read the questions on the nomination form carefully and make sure you answer them as fully as possible.
  • Read your nomination and check for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask somebody else to look it over as well.
  • Once you have identified a colleague/team, determine which category best aligns with the nominee's qualities/strengths.
  • Compile a list of reasons why your nominee should be selected and bring this person/team to life:
    • Does their work provide new ways of doing things?
    • What was special about how success was achieved?
    • Has it helped others to succeed and feel valued?
    • How has this impressed the customer?
    • What have been the benefits for the wider community?
    • Is this an approach I'd like to see the rest of Serco use?
    • Could this motivate others to approach things, act or behave differently?
  • Ask other people for more information to help support your nomination. This might be in the form of endorsements from the customer or from other team members.
  • Take your time – don't try and get it finished in 20 minutes.
  • Write and rewrite until your nomination fits all criteria and is free of errors.
  • For further information speak to your divisional Pulse coordinator.

    Pulse is not just about recognising WHAT individuals and teams have done, but HOW they have achieved it.


    Now you know more about Pulse and the different categories, get nominating!


    You can nominate online between 1st July 2019 and 30th August 2019. Contact your Pulse co-ordinator for more information.